Friday, September 12, 2008

Since yesterday's post was a little "whiny" or some might call it "complaining" or "less than happy," I'll get that off the top by posting some great things about my life.

  • I have a wonderful husband! He really is my best friend. He's good at a lot of stuff, too, like making the kids laugh when I want to strangle them.
  • I have a wonderful third-grader. He's kind, loves his sisters, funny, and a little too much like me, personality wise.
  • I have a wonderful kindergartner. Her smile lights up the room, she's really pretty, and she has plenty of SPUNK! She tears it up on the soccer field, does great in gymnastics, and is a little smarty.
  • I have a wonderful toddler. She's eating a lot better now, and Jeff and I keep putting her on the scale because she feels heavier to us. She's communicating so well these days. "Mommy, mee" is one of her favorite things to say.

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