Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Soccer has been hectic this year but fun. Kira scored her first goal tonight. She had a break away, and her initial shot went just barely wide, but the goalie didn't pick it up, so she went over and kicked it in. Yeah for Kira! Her team is named "The Boxers." I always joke that their cheer should be "Not briefs!" but noone has listened to me on that one. Quinton has had a fun year, too. His league is also with fourth graders, so he is one of the younger ones, but he holds his own. The only reason I signed Kira up this year was this extremely cute pair of Adidas with pink stripes on sale at Shopko.


Lisa said...

Kira Is amazing at soccer! While the other little girls are laying on the grass or looking around Kira is in the middle of the action, looking for that goal. I am so so happy she finally made one! YES! Way to go!!!!

Jana said...

I heard from Gary that Kira is one heck of a player. She looks great in her cute shoes. Congrats Kira on your first goal!!