Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grateful for Miracles

This post is slow in coming, but it's really good and worth the wait. The story begins on Wednesday. Quinton was flying through therapy and making tremendous progress in walking and moving. We were looking forward to him coming home Friday. They had moved the lung biopsy from Thursday to Wednesday. Q had gone to therapy and then his nurse took him down to his CT scan which was scheduled to mark the lung tumors prior to the biopsy. We were surprised to find that he had to be sedated for the marking and CT scan, so they gave him some medicine through his IV, and he drifted off. I went to the waiting room for an approximately 45 minute wait while they marked the lung.

After 10 minutes, they came back and wanted us to go back with them. I knew it wasn't bad because the guy they sent was kind of smiling and had kind of a spring in his step. In this last month, I've become expert in reading the body language of medical personnel. I was in shock for a full 5 minutes when they told us that the lungs were clear. There weren't any more tumors or nodules on them any more. I kept thinking they just weren't looking in the right place or something, but they showed us on the screen the "ghost" of the nodule that had been there. Jeff and I just looked at each other in disbelief and sheer joy.

Quinton was slowly coming out of his sedation. He woke up, and we said, "Hey, guess what. You don't have to have the biopsy. Your lungs are clear." He smiled and nodded and drifted off again. I cried tears of joy. The nurses and doctors were saying, "This is the best thing we've had happen all year," and "This never happens." They were so happy for us. Then, Quinton woke up again and said, "Was I dreaming? I still have to do the operation right?" I said, "No, you weren't dreaming! It's true. No biopsy. No chemo. No radiation. You just get to come home." He smiled again and drifted off. We went through that drill a few more times, took him to his room, and made the plans to come home early. It was awesome that he was coming out of his sedation, so I got to tell him 3 or 4 times the good news:)

We know it was the Lord's will for this time. We are grateful; however, we recognize that others who have had just as much faith and prayer and fasting haven't turned out this way. We know it isn't because of anything we do or are, it is just what the Lord's will is for us. The Lord loves each of us and has a unique plan for everyone. One of the reasons for this outcome is for me to testify that prayers are answered and priesthood and faith have real power. The next day Q's surgeon came to the room and said, "Do you have a direct line to the Guy Upstairs or something?" We said yes...yes he does. And it was through all the people who have prayed and fasted for him that it was possible, so thank you all so much!