Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kira's Kindergarten Caper

Kira's first day of Kindergarten was fantastic! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Evans, and she goes in the afternoon. When she got home, she said, "Do I get to go again tomorrow?" They drew pictures of themselves to put on a poster about the rules of the class. She also learned a song in rap style that went, "The rules, the rules, the rules of the class" that I heard several times throughout the evening. She didn't want to take the bus the first day, so I dropped her off at her class. (More comfortable for both of us). Today, her second day, she was all psyched to go on the bus; however, when the time actually came, she was almost too shy to get on. Not too scared, but too shy. Then, the driver told her she had her name down, and she was good.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Qs first day O school

Here is Q all ready for his first day of third grade. I think he's a little excited about it! I've also included some pics of best friends Brook and Keanna. I'm excited for him to learn and grow and experience many fun third grade happenings.

I have an update on Jacey. The results from her scope were that she had some inflammation and heartburn. That's it. No celiac, no allergies, plenty of enzymes. The doctor is putting her on some medicine that helps with inflammation and acid and increases appetite as a side effect. She said that sounds like a good fit for Jacey. Yep. I agree.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I must have misunderstood the doctor, so we have to wait until next week to find out results from Jacey's scope. Duh. It must have been wishful thinking! The scope went really well. Primary Children's was amazing. They had a person there just to find her toys and play with her while waiting, they let me stay with her until she went to sleep, and they had a person sitting by her bed doing nothing but watching her vitals when she woke up until she left. It went very smoothly with very little traumatization. She was up and going after sleeping through the ride home. I should scan her pictures of her insides and put them on, but no, actually I think not. They are very cool pictures though. She's a cool girl inside and out!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New feeding method?

We thought, since Jacey can't seem to gain weight, that we would try a new feeding method. We call this calories by osmosis. Hey, you gotta do something with it if you don't want to eat it. Right?

On a more serious note, her scope is scheduled for Thursday morning at Primary Children's, and we should have some information immediately; I'm dying to know what that is since she's just coming out of one of her 'bad' cycles that has lasted the last five days or so. Pretty typical, but it seemed bad this time. Wish us luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Since it's Sunday

Okay, I've been working on how to include sharing the gospel as part of the blog. That's what really motivated me to begin it in the first place. Since it's Sunday, I'll share a scripture that I really like. But first, I'll start by saying I got to say the closing prayer in sacrament meeting today. I actually made it up to the podium and said the closing prayer. Where's the significance in that? Last time they asked me to do it, I took a crying Jacey out into the foyer to tend her and completely forgot about saying the prayer. It was a little embarrasing sitting out in the foyer and hearing a pause after the song, and then hearing a member of the bishopric say the prayer in my stead. How horrible!!!
"And now, by beloved brethren, I would that ye should come unto Christ, who is the Holy One of Israel, and partake of his salvation, and the power of his redemption. Yeah, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved." Omni 1:26
I think that scripture is so poetic. I really identify with the key trying to offer your whole soul as an offering to the Savior. I have a problem with "whole." I think the way I have adapted to most of life's problems is to do everything part way. I'm all about keeping a C average. You know, keep about 75% of the laundry done, clean the house 75% of the time 75% of the way through, read just enough from the scriptures to keep me from losing the companionship of the spirit. I very rarely give my "whole" anything; it's pathetic I know. But, I do love the Lord with all of my heart. I just need to show it better. I want to be a more perfect and whole servant. The desire is 100%. I think I can come unto Christ 100%, and He will make up the deficits in other areas. (Like laundry:)

Payson family reunion

Last weekend, Jeff's family came to celebrate a reunion. We had planned to go to Lake Powell, but with gas prices what they are, we decided we could just do a bit of partying right here at the Muir house. That's what we do best after all. And saving money is something also very good. Think of the thousands we saved!

The first day wasn't the funnest day of the reunion. Jeff's sister Julie was diagnosed with Lymphoma a year ago, so she had a cancer screening appointment at Huntsman. It turned out that Jacey also had some testing the same afternoon at Primary Children's. Jacey has been struggling with putting on weight, upset stomach, poor sleeping, and the list goes onnnnn....... The Pediatric GI specialist I had made an appointment with had a cancellation that day, so we jumped on that. The doctor first wanted an ultrasound of her kidneys to rule out that they could be giving her trouble, so there we all were undergoing tests in Salt Lake for our first day. The good news was when the day was over, Julie was cancer free and Jacey didn't have any kidney problems.

Playing cards, bingo, water fights, bacci ball, and going to the movies filled the rest of the weekend. Too bad we weren't able to go boating. The wind was too much. However, in one unruly game of Phase 10 that went late into the night, there was so much cheating going on that I, even I, began to sneak wilds out of the deck, trade cards, and beg for my color out loud. That was the first time I've ever cheated at a game. I guess being married to Jeff for so long has started to rub off:) Oh yeah, there was a lot of giggling and laughter, too. The ironic part is that the ones doing the most cheating didn't even win. Cheaters never prosper and all that.

I was really glad we could all spend time together. That's the most important thing. It didn't really matter that we weren't at Lake Powell. It didn't even matter that we couldn't go boating. In the long run, we just had fun being together, even if noone dares plays cards with me again.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jacey words

Jacey's doing a lot of talking these days. It's too cute! Her first word that she started using in her vocabulary was hi. She said this word for a long time while it was her only word. Since she's small, it would shock people in the grocery store if she looked at them and said, "HI". The next main word she's been using is "Stuck." I had no idea this word was so versatile. If her feet get tangled in her car seat straps, she's "stuck." When she can't get the lid off a marker to go color on the wall with, it's "Stuck." When she's trying to terrorize a drawer that has the child locks on, it's "stuck." The other day, though, she assumed the pooping position. Her face went red, her eyes bugged out, and she said "stuuuck." And then I changed a diaper. Luckily, she didn't use her favorite word during the picture featuring her fingers up her nose.