Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello, I do apologize for the lack of posts. It's been a difficult month. Here's a few re-caps of some of Quinton's health issues.

March 13th -- Q came home from school and made it to my bed but was unable to move his legs much after that. We called the doctors who asked us to call the paramedics. I had quite the team of Payson paramedics on my bed! And my room was not clean, and my bed was not made -- awkward:) I can only laugh about this now after some weeks have passed. After the ambulance ride to Payson hospital where David B. and Brian W. administered to him, he was taken by ambulance to Primary's where an MRI was done. The MRI showed that the reason for his paralysis was tumor growth.

March 14th-- Quinton's Oncologist, Dr. Bruggers, visited and said that the chemotherapy was not working. She was researching some other chemo options, but then she decided that the radiation team had some good success, and that we should go that route.

March 15th -- Quinton had a work-up for radiation and his first radiation treatment. They are radiating the area of new growth, which is up higher towards his neck.

March 17th- March 26th -- Q stayed on the rehab floor at Primary Children's, where he had some physical therapy. He was able to learn to walk with a walker.

March 26th -- He came home!!

Present: He has three more radiation treatments and his paralysis has been pretty stable. He gets around with his walker and uses a wheelchair so he doesn't get too tired walking with his walker for longer distances. He has been to school a little bit, and his friends have been more than willing to push his wheelchair from class to class. Speaking of class, we feel that Quinton's inner strength and fortitude during these challenges is certainly classy, and we are constantly amazed at his example to all of us.

April 26th -- Q will have his Eagle Court of Honor. He has worked so hard: completed the camping around the year badge, a 50 miler, and very close to 50 merit badges. What a kid! 6 p.m. at our church. Feel free to come!

Some of the ladies at SHHS where I work have been putting together a fundraiser for Q. The gist is that the SJHS and SHHS will be competing to see who can raise the most money; the winning school will get a free dance. There will also be a huge yard sale/silent auction on May 17th in the parking lot of SHHS. It's hard for Jeff and I to accept this kind of help, since we have been so blessed in so many ways, but the bills will be big... and Obamacare...well enough said.