Monday, April 29, 2013

Recent Events in Q's Journey

Hi! I didn't really realize that I had a reader base until I stopped posting, but there hasn't been too much going on with Q until recently. I'm finding the need to reach out and share some more of our journey -- maybe it's more to clear my head -- but whatever the reason, here is a brief run-down of recent events:
  • August (2012) Quinton's routine scan showed his spinal chord tumor had enhancement.
  • October -- Q began a round of radiation at Huntsman Cancer Institute (every day for six weeks)
  • The treatment didn't cause too many side effects until about six weeks later when the tumor piece swelled, causing him much pain and discomfort in his spine and down his legs.
  • The initial scan six weeks after radiation showed no change (but the doctors expected this and said that the radiation would take time to work).
  • April 8th (2013) -- Quinton's scan showed tumor enhancement, progression, and dilation of the spinal canal. These are subtle changes, but they indicate that the tumor may not have responded to radiation.
  • May 20th -- Q's next scan, where the doctors will assess the rate of change and decide on the next step (most likely chemo).
Well, first of all, Quinton is good. He has an unfailingly positive attitude and some kind of sense that he doesn't need to worry about anything! He's got some major Hakuna Matata, which I'm really grateful for. I, on the other hand, have had to begin again making my peace with cancer. I have had a mini-mourning phase, wherein I've had to mourn the loss of radiation being successful:) I'm coming around, though, and things are going to be okay. We're extremely grateful that if chemo is the next step, it will be summer, and I will be able to devote whatever I can to his comfort, and he will not have to miss school. 

Wherever you go, tell people to pray for Q! I am so touched that when I tell people about him, they often say, "We haven't stopped praying and fasting for him." That's amazing!