Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Fight Goes On

The summer went by so fast! The kids and I are already back in school, doing the daily routine again -- and we're loving it. A few re-caps from the summer in regard to Quinton's fight against cancer.

  • San Diego Trip! As soon as school let out, we took off for the coast again. We stayed right on the beach and had a great time. Quinton wasn't feeling very well, but he was able to rest and participate in most things. He had a fall while trying to navigate our hotel room, but we figured it was just fatigue and stiffness from the journey. We stayed at La Jolla Beach and Tennis, and it was a fabulous place! The girls did not leave the beach unless dragged off!!
  • On our drive home, we noticed some bruising. We figured his blood counts must have been low due to the chemotherapy. The next morning, Quinton was unable to swallow while eating or drinking. He was coughing and had scary mucous. He was admitted to the hospital for about a five-day stay. A scan showed growth of the tumor into the brain stem as well as recurrence of the tumor down below. The brain stem part was responsible for his swallowing symptom, while the lower part was deemed responsible for his decreased leg strength. He was treated at Huntsman with radiation on a five-day dosing. Dr. Bruggers also switched his chemotherapy drug to CCNU, an older medication that is given orally. Q has been in a wheelchair full time ever since.
  • Q was on obscene amounts of steroids throughout the summer. He ate and ate and ate! His favorite part was going out to breakfast with me at IHOP! These drugs were amazing in taking away nausea, pain, and the swallowing problems. However, he did gain a lot of weight, especially in his cheeks and ankles!
  • Dan Reynolds, lead singer for Imagine Dragons, came for a visit with our stake president, Jan Newman. He was so kind and gracious. It seemed like he was just an old family friend who had popped in for a visit. It was fun for Q to tell people about the visit from this amazing musician. President Newman had been his mission president, and he was kind enough to suggest a visit! 
  • Since school has started, Q has been tapering off from the comfort of steroids. He has been doing amazingly well. Each week, we cut the dose in half, and while he struggles at first, he has bounced back each time, so we are really encouraged by that.