Friday, February 27, 2009

Visual images depicting our lives (pictures)

I have to make up for being a slack blogger throughout the month of February. I'm going to show you Kira's Kindy 500, a very fun Kindergarten event in which all the kids got to parade around in home-made box cars. Kira selected the color, theme, and put on the stickers. We used Quinton's old Thomas the Train costume. That came in handy! The funny story about that is when I was trying to take Kira's picture at the school. She kept turning to face me head on, even though I was trying to shoot her from an angle to show the car better. I kept telling her to hold still, but whichever way I went to get the angle, she just turned to face me. It was loud in the gym at her school and difficult to communicate. It was pretty funny.
I also have some cute pics of Jacey all ready for church. She's way too cute.
And I have some pics of the kids making Valentines cookies. How's that for random?

Impromptu trip to Kanab

Kyle, my sister, Michelle, Kyle (older brother), Kason James (baby)

My brother, Kent, who came and picked me up and drove me to Kanab.

Home from the hospital!!!
My little sister had a baby. We have this thing in our family: we have babies fast and early. My mom had 7 babies and never once did a doctor tell her to push. Now my sisters and I are not that extreme, but we have all had our babies early. I had Kira in Vernal at 36 weeks (when I was planning to have her in Payson) but this story is even better than that. She was scheduled to be induced Monday morning in Cedar City. She lives in Kanab, but she wanted to go to her doctor and use the facilities in Cedar. Her water broke at home in the middle of the night, so her husband stayed home with their older son while she went to the hospital in Kanab. She was only at a 3 but decided to stay in Kanab. An hour or two later she was telling her husband on the phone that she was at a 4. She had to hang up because she was having a contraction. The baby was born 15 minutes later. No doctor, no husband, no epidural. Just three nurses and an anestesiologist (too late). Good news: she was only in pain a short amount of time. Bad news: it was a lot of pain. Good news: her husband was secretly thrilled he didn't have to worry about fainting on the delivery room floor. Bad news: she had to tell the nurses it was their fault. Ha ha. Good news: he's perfect, has a totally round head, and completely adorable.
My brother left from Vernal to drive to Kanab within minutes of finding out the story. He's so cool. My parents are on a mission (hi mom and dad!) so we felt she needed some sibling support. He came and picked me up and we drove down there. The trip was really fun for me, and I was happy I could go see my little sis.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad hair day

Happy Valentines! I'm grateful I have my family and lots of friends to love!