Sunday, September 14, 2008

Only the cutest couple ever

This is Jeff's niece, Diana. She got married to Eric H. Saturday, Sept. 13th at the St. George temple. It was such an awesome day. The temple sealing was really wonderful, and these guys are just the cutest couple ever. He's really sweet and patient and kind, and she's more outgoing etc.

At her luncheon, some of the little kids sang a song I wrote to the tune of "I'm so glad when daddy comes home" but I used funny things about their relationship to write the words. eg. "I'm so glad when Diana comes home, I'm not sad at all. I guess I get a little steamed if she's been at the mall." and "I put my arms around his neck; I hug him with remorse. The next thing that I know he's at..the darned golf course." It was really cute.
The temple lawn was all dug up and had maneur spread about. Yuck! But Jacey's cute in the dress I made for her.
Their cake was way cute. And if you look closely at Diana's dress, another one of my roles for the wedding was to sew a piece of flesh-colored fabric right in the V of the dress, so that people could see that feature. Otherwise it would have looked all white there. It was kind of funny the night before the wedding, I'm sitting there sewing a piece of orange-brown material to it. It turned out lovely from the outside, though. It's a fantastic dress.

Who's this handsome feller?

Another thing I did for the wedding was sew the bridesmaids' dresses. Needless to say, my sewing room is strewn about with scraps and threads of hot pink and black. Top to bottom. Seriously. It's so fun for me though. Here's two of them.Sammy, Q's cousin, looked smashing in his little tux.
Jeff's sister's just a little frazzled! No, she was calm the whole time.

And these are the other two dresses I made (besides Jacey's and Kira's). This is Jeff's sister's family that lives in Cedar City. They are super awesome.


Marnae said...

You are amazing. I want to come over for a lesson. I really want to be able to sew for my sweet gal. You kill me. Are you feeling any better. How's the ankle?

Adrianne said...

Great work Lori, do you want to sew the dresses for Julia's wedding?

DebLawson said...

wowsers, beautiful wedding, beautiful dresses!
This little gal is lucky to have you for an auntie!

Great pics! It sure was a lovely day....