Friday, September 5, 2008

She takes after her mom

I love how motherhood helps unlock memories from when I was a kid. I might repress all kinds of embarrassing memories if not for the little reminders I get from watching my kids. I watched Kira dress up with her friend the other day, and man were they cute. I won't post photos to avoid child predator stalker people, but believe me they're cute. Kira' s in this little mismatched outfit of a princess top and a fairy skirt, and Keanna had a baby blanket wrapped around as a skirt. They wore fashion magazine faces too, perfect for the pictures. They put Jacey is a pair of fairy wings and some big slippers.
Dressing up was one of my favorite past times as a kid. I would scour the house for interesting clothing items to mix and match. I loved colors and patterns and beautiful swag-type skirts composed of blankets or sheets or towels. I could mix swimming suits with sweaters -- and totally pull it off (of course). When asked my favorite color at this age, I would certainly reply, PINK! And if it came up, my second-favorite color was ... HOT PINK!

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