Thursday, September 11, 2008

Any trains in the neighborhood?

Last night, I felt like I had been hit by a train -- a complete trainwreck. Starting at my feet and ending with my head. I had ever so slightly sprained my ankle at volleyball the day before and the pain was starting to catch up with me on that injury. Then, while doing Yoga in my basement, I did some weird thing where my sternum, or some other muscle in that area, got pulled and so my chest was killing me whenever I took a breath. Then, I had a whole neck ache in the side of my neck which turned into a killer headache, which I do not get ever, really. I think that was a result of my sinuses being totally killed by a super rough allergy season. So this is the question: am I getting old already? or was there a train in the neighborhood?
I'm doing much better this morning, so that must mean I'm not old, right?


Adrianne said...

you're just getting old (LOL) Hope you are feeling better

Hali said...

Hmmm? if you're getting old, I'm getting old. SO... what do ya say to pretending we're not? Ha ha.

Hope you're feeling better! :)

The Luke Family said...

There is no way you are getting old! When I first met you I could not believe you were the y.w. pres. you seemed way to young and on top of that I don't think you are that much older than me and although my body is telling me otherwise I AM NOT OLD AND I NEVER WILL BE. So therefore your good.