Friday, October 9, 2009

What's it called?

What's it called when a certain blogger hasn't updated her blog in a long time? Would it be blogger's block or picture-slinging slacking? Maybe Lacking Lori's stories, or Couch Slouch with no blogs in the Pouch? Not sure. I actually have been digitally scrapbooking the year of 08; I'm up to May -- is that good? Not really. So, I wanted to share a classic 08 picture that captures the essence of Jacey. Comet. Comet on the floor -- and I have to say it wasn't too difficult to figure out who the culprit was -- we just simply collected some forensic evidence and sent it to the lab and in the mean time interrogated the children with a harsh lamp shining in their eyes. Looking back on the pictures, I suppose we could have dusted for footprints and had all the childrens toe prints analyzed. We got it all straightened out -- and we couldn't even punish the perpetrator; she's too young for time out to work. She doesn't even care!
We went up the canyon here in Payson and let the kids take pictures for their Reflections contest. These are the ones Kira ended up with. Hopefully, the publishing of these photos does not rule them out for an amateur contest.

First day of school. It was only 2 months ago!

Hiking in the good weather -- after school in Payson canyon. Sticks very important.


Carrie said...

I so hear you on the blogging slacking. :) It's hard to keep up with everything. I bet you had a very clean floor after you got that comet all cleaned up. :)

julie said...

Thanks for blogging even if it is every 2 months or so hahaha! I think Jacey was framed!Poor little thing: )