Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cheesy cliche fall stuff

Trip to St. George! We just got back from our fall break trip to St. George! It was so fun. Awesome weather. We got hot, really hot, on this hike in Snow Canyon. Quinton especially likes to climb on rocks and stuff, but the girls are good too. We also had a great time swimming on our trip. Our hotel's pool was heated just perfectly, and it was really fun to swim and play.

Trip to the pumpkin patch! What Utah county blog would be complete without some decent pumpkin patch pictures in October? We did a very cliche LDS thing and took kids to the pumpkin patch on Monday night for FHE.

Q and his posse.

brown tights and white shoes are still in style and cute if you're 2.

He's not wimpy -- it's just a big pumpkin. Okay, maybe his arm strength is lacking slightly. They charge by the pound now too. Turned out more expensive than last year -- maybe we should have put Q on the scale instead of the pumpkin -- or at least Jacey; she would have been cheap!

Kira and Keanna. They had to sit apart from the group on the tractor-driven wagon ride. They wanted to be up front. On the way back, they even sat separately from each other to get their prime seats. Too funny.

Kira lost a tooth! She wasn't too much of a lady about it. I had to sort of force my way into the mouth to yank it out, but she was happy I did!

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Hali said...

Wow. Fun activities for the little ones (even if they are a bit cliche--according to YOU.) ;-)

I stopped by two weeks back and missed you, again. No wonder. You're off having a good ol' time. Oh well.
Glad all is well!