Thursday, August 27, 2009

We had a great time in Canada! Beautiful!

GAYWEE!! (Jacey's pronunciation of Gary, Jeff's cousin with whom Jacey bonded immediately!

Quinton's Halloween costume for this year -- a mountee! We watched the Cardston parade with Jeff's cousins Gary and Michelle and their family, and they knew everyone! What does that mean? Extra candy extra yummy!

The gorgeous Flathead lake -- on the way to Glacier.

On the way to Canada, we went through Glacier National Park -- got to be the most beautiful place in the world! We loved showing our kids the fun sights and little hikes. We could have spent more time there, but we needed to get to Canada eh?

We saw a lot of wildlife on Logan's Pass (it's a really steep mountain road)

I love this place!

This little hike is still in Glacier, and it looks like the Ewok forest. It's so cool.

Jacey's best friend, and my salvation, Eric Higbee. He played with her and got her to eat using imaginative trains and airplanes and snakes. He is married to Julie's oldest daughter, Diana! Love you guys! Jacey has a thing for guys -- already! Yikes. She just bonds with males extremely quickly -- I don't know why!

Jacey matched the wild flowers at Lake Cameron in Waterton Ntl. Park

The falls in red rock canyon -- beautiful!

I desperately wanted to ski on this water, but I had two problems: no boat, and no dry suit (the water isn't too much above freezing!)

Bike carts rented and rode around the town in Waterton!

Top of 'Bear's Hump' in Waterton Ntl. Park

Cutie pie in front of Waterton Lake

Throwing rocks and sticks into Waterton Lake

Q in front of the falls in Waterton

Highlights from the trip I don't have pictures of: watersliding at the Ramada hotel's indoor water park (Kira just went and went and went -- she loved it!) in Lethbridge; eating putein at the Costco in Lethbridge (it's french fries with gravy and these wonderful white cheese curd thingys melted into it -- oh my!); playing softball with Jeff's cousins at the family games in Cardston (we won the consolation bracket with a hit by Jeff to score the runner -- me!!! We're still profesh at softball oh yeah); hanging out with Jeff's cousins; and driving home in one day (not!)


Lisa said...

Looks like a beautiful place! I think it has been about a year since we have seen each other! What is up with that?

Tanya said...

Gorgeous!!! How fun to have an excuse to be there! :)

Angela said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a fun trip.

DebLawson said...

Canada is SUCH a pretty place. I love it there, too. You are lucky that Jeff is from there and you guys have reasons to go!
I have been to Glacier National Park, as well. Too gorgeous for words! Love it. Looks like you guys had so much fun with nature and family!
I've had little girls who only like men, too! Funny! One Christmas Gene had to work, so 13 month Lindsay attached herself to my sister's hubby and we dubbed him "Uncle Daddy" she seriously thought it was her daddy! It was a huge help!

Now I wanna go to Canada! ;)
(you know, Gene's sis lives in the always lovely Regina, Saskatchewan, guess we could always go there!!!!!!! nah....)

Carrie said...

Lori, you got some amazing pictures! It makes me want to go visit Glacier National Park and Canada. I'm glad you guys had such a good time. :)