Friday, July 24, 2009

Family reunion Dry Fork Bikeride!

Family Reunion Bike Ride! This one is titled: "Stand around and watch as Grandpa loads all the bikes on the trailer, so your bike can be driven to the top of the mountain -- do as little work as possible!" This is in my back yard growing up.

This one is called, "Get ready to get some dust up your nose as you bike 16 miles down hill." Q and his cousin get ready.

This one is called, "Don't stand next to Uncle Kent or you'll get yourself in a headlock for the picture."

Cooling off after the bike ride: this one is a little game called, "How many cousins can you put on a tramp before one falls off because a spring pops off right next to you?" Turns out, you can only fit 24 cousins on a tramp before a spring right next to Quinton popped and he fell off. A little hurt + a lot scared and shaken up=a lot of crying.

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DebLawson said...

wow, how fun!!
You have such a fun family! Love the pictures, sorry Q fell off the tramp! ouch!!!!

A long time ago we had a family party at our house and we had a million cousins on our tramp and Gene's cousin's little 4 yr old broke her leg on our tramp! Dang it.... we felt really bad, but i guess bad things happen when millions of cousins hang out on the tramp all at the same time!;)