Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank Heavens!

Thank heavens...the brain scan came out clean.
Thank heavens...Q has such a great support system of loving wonderful people ready and willing to give service and thoughtful gifts.
Thank heavens...two oncologists are ready to do whatever it takes to treat this rare and scary disease.
Thank heavens...a whole team of skilled doctors, nurses, and surgeons are fighting this battle with us.
Thank heavens...Q doesn't realize all of what's ahead of him.
Thank heavens...Q is such a strong and loving spirit who was sent to humble parents.
Nothing else changed too much yesterday. The surgery is still on, and the plan is still to treat the spinal tumor first. Love ya!


Melissa said...

I'm planning on coming up and visiting while you are at the hospital. I'll be in touch afterwards to set up a good time. You have been in our prayers.

Jana said...

Yeah!!! It is about for some good news. :)