Friday, June 10, 2011

A big thanks to everyone

Thank you to all those who have helped and participated with Quinton's bucket list. It's been a lot of good memory-making. We started off with bowling, and a big thanks to Tori who rounded up some of Q's friends from school and reserved lanes. Thanks to the Bracks and the Hoovas for coming. Next came Tucanos, and the Vaitohis, my parents, Lisa, Annie, & DJ. The dinner was superb, and I left feeling more than uncomfortably full:) Then, today was 7 Peaks. Thanks to Tori who snagged us a reservation for a cabana, which was a life-saver. My brother Kent and sister Michelle came with their families and the Petersons and Hoovers came to help us enjoy it!
The weather was to die for, and we got a few sunburns but had a really great day.

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