Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello! I've had a few requests to provide a quick update on Quinton and the family and how we are doing.
Quinton is back in school, and he's doing great. He is walking really well, they've kicked him out of Physical Therapy, and he's even mowing the lawn (he charges quite a bit for this service though:0) He makes it through the day without getting too tired, and he gets along really well. He does enjoy coming home and mostly taking it easy, which is good for him.

His spine curvature has been changing since the surgery. Where before the operation, his spine was curved to the right, now there is more curving to the front. This type of curve is called kyphosis, and isn't as treatable with a brace. He may or may not need further treatment for this spine curve in the future. He also has had trouble gaining weight (Ha! I wish that was my problem!). He left the hospital at 65 pounds, and he weighs 64 pounds today. Tiny little guy!

In other Quinton news, we're starting his science project on which exterior coating provides the most insulation! Ha! I wonder if it will be stucco?
I'm also back in double-duty school, teaching at Juab and taking master's classes at UVU (I graduate in April!!) This school year is going well, and I'm really liking it!
Jacey began pre-school this year, and she loves it. She has to give me a hassle about getting ready because she never wants to go, but she likes it when she gets there. That's just Jacey for us!
Kira got baptized over Labor Day Weekend, and it was a great day. She looked DARLING and was just a sweet girl. She is loving her class at school, and she is doing great. For a while, Quinton's illness seemed to impact her the most. She went through a funk where she cried a lot and had some emotional issues, but she is doing much better now.
Jeff is traveling quite a bit this fall for work, so we miss him when he goes off all over the West! We have been so blessed and recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives. We know that Quinton's story is miraculous, and we want to recognize the blessings he has been given. We don't know all the reasons the Lord had for this trial in our lives, but we know we have been blessed!


Shane & Valorie said...

Oh my goodness, I am so happy to hear things are going well (for the entire family). Quinton gave everyone quite the scare! You have an amazing family and it makes me smile to know things are on the up side. :) said...

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