Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Temple announcement and shoe drama

Hello there! First off, a new temple was announced for Payson! I am beyond grateful. It will be so wonderful to have a temple in our community. It will be kind of by Wal-Mart very near the freeway, and I'm so excited. We were a little depressed and okay, jealous, when one was announced for Brigham City in the October conference because it seemed about the same distance from other temples as Payson would be. Little did we know, it would just take a little longer. I hadn't really heard of temples being announced outside of conference, but we'll take it. We can't wait to be involved in the groundbreakings/cornerstone layings/open houses/dedications etc. What a great experience it will be for our family.
On to the shoe drama. Every lady loves a shoe drama. I'm a little different in that I don't really take pleasure in shopping for everyday shoes or even dress shoes for that matter, but I realized recently that when it came to athletic shoes, I could shop all day long and never tire of it. I agonized about the decision for new athletic shoes for weeks. I've loved my And 1 basketball shoes and have been playing volleyball and basketball in them for the last couple of years. Their soles were starting to cave, however, and I began getting shin splints. I loved my old pair so much, I couldn't imagine what to get. I went into a frenzy of different modes.
Online shopping mode: resulted in too much anxiety over how the shoe would fit/feel.
Mall shopping mode: this one lended a funny experience in which the salesman would NOT sell me any shoes. I pointed out a few pair only to be rebuffed for my poor choice. I should have known he was not such the salesman when he berated the lady in front of me, "Do you want to look good, or do you want a shoe that performs?" He brought me a few terrible, ugly pairs professing they were the only ones in the store good enough play my sports in. It was hilarious. Who ever heard of a salesman who tells shoppers the shoes are terrible?
Next mode: depression
Next mode: athletic store shopping. I went to Park Sportsman. I had no idea what they might have there, but finally someone was willing to spend time with me. I walked out of there with a pair of $95 volleyball shoes and immediately felt guilty and unhappy with the choice.
Next mode: depression and ducking back into Park's to return the volleyball shoes.
Final mode: online shopping again. I decided it wouldn't be such a risk if I bought the same brand online as the pair I had been wearing. Duh. I ordered a pair similar to my previous pair and waited anxiously for their arrival. The shoes finally arrived today. I felt a curious bump in the sole as I tried the first shoe on. I put the second one on, and no bump. Aaahhhh. Could I play with a bump? I couldn't imagine what mode I was going to have to go into next. Jeff confirmed the presence of the bump, so I knew I wasn't just having shoe mirages. He pulled up the sole and found a clump of tissue paper stuck to the sole! Now who just allows tissue papers to stay stuck to the sole of a shoe and thinks no one will care? Luckily, we were able to remove the offending clump and now the shoes? Feel great! Thank goodness. I can't wait to play in my new shoes, finally! The outcome of the story: shoe drama 1; Lori 0. I guess I need to score some points in my new shoes.


Wish upon a Starr said...

What was the time span on this? That's awesome, and I understand you completely!!! Enjoy your new shoes! I am in need of a new pair myself, I'll have to take a look into the shoes you bought.

Hali said...

This is why I like you...

1) A very witty and exceptionally well written blog.
2) A shared fetish for athletic shoes.
3) Well... I probably need not continue here. You get the idea. "Fire in the hole" with those fancy new shoes! ;-)

PS... SOOO excited for the new temple! All the little Nephites will be in that temple district. YAY!

Melissa said...

I soooo understand the drama when shopping for athletic shoes. They have to be perfect and they have to last! I have never been brave enough to order them online so props to you and I'm glad the new shoes turned out great.

Lori Muir said...

Oh Hali there was fire in the whole today. I scored some points in those new shoes. Yes! I showed them. Mel, the time span was probably about a month, and there was more to it than I could have written down. Too funny.

Laura Pants said...

Athletic shoes are the worst! I literally spent the better part of a year in my search for new running shoes... I have done the whole video tape me running thing at the running store. Found a pair in Sept. that I liked a lot, but they were 120 Euros - translated to dollars, somewhere in the $200 dollar range, NO Thank you! Then it started to snow and the holidays happened, and I wasn't running as often so I slowed down my search, and now... Baby. I probably won't be running as much as usual for the next few months, but as soon as I pop this kid out, I am going to back on the hunt for that perfect shoe!