Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's the holiday season Ha ha

Lucky us, we got snow. Unfortunately, we also got some cold temperatures. My body is still in shock. The snow makes it easier to get in the mood for Christmas though. During the season, I've got a few goals. I'm trying to get my children to learn that it is more blessed to give than receive. They seem to already have a handle on this concept because they give me a headache on a daily basis. Especially this morning. Quinton thought he needed to be the school stink job. Hygiene and nine year old boys don't mix necessarily. He couldn't understand why he needed to wear socks under his snow boots. He had gone the day before without socks just fine. I can't imagine the odor that must have been emitting all day. It must have sent the Barnett air pollutants seriously up. He also couldn't see the need for taking off his snow pants during class. If I could have put him in the shower before the bus came, I would have because I was just picturing all that boy sweat multiplying underneath those air-tight snow pants. Gross! Poor teachers. They must build up quite an odor tolerance.

Whilst this argument was taking place, Jacey informed me she needed to go poo poo. I pulled down her (sleeping time) diaper only to realize that she was a little slow on the informing part and had already started going. I stuck her on the toilet to finish her job and took to debating more hygienic policies with Quinton when Jacey hopped off the john and sat right on the bath mat to inspect the inner workings of an Ariel Barbie. At that point, I had the urge to just stick everyone in the shower indefinitely and call a house-cleaning service. I settled for putting Jacey and the bath mats in the bath (the bath mats actually went in the washing machine) and sending Quinton to school with socks under his snow boots. That's good mom stuff right there.

The kids have also given me gray hairs. That wasn't for Christmas, though, it was more for Hannakah. Now, if I can just get them to give me a break, I'll be on a roll. Ha ha, of course I wouldn't trade my kids for anything.

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Laura Pants said...

Sounds like life at my house. Being a mother of three has made a a tad less jugemental towards the parents of all of those kids who go to school unwashed, and wearing mismatching clothes. It is hard to keep them all from looking and smelling like they belong in the pound!