Friday, June 5, 2009

She's not half bad with an eyeliner pen!

This depicts what Jacey was up to while I was pounding away on the eliptical machine in the basement. You know, for 2 years old, she has a pretty good sound understanding with make up. She knew the eyeliner went on the lid of her eye. She might have a future in the cosmetic business. The foundation, on the other hand, is on the hands instead of the face. Go figure.

The true Easter dresses, which weren't done in time for Easter. I didn't really mind.

I used a technique called smocking, which is relatively new to me. While I was learning to smock, a neighbor lent me a book titled, "The Joy of Smocking" and it had a picture of a darling little girl in a white smocked dress on the cover. Everyone who saw the book thought that it said, "The Joy of Smoking!" Ha, so then we got into all kinds of discussions about my dirty little habit of smocking. Here are the smoking dresses!

Bad pictures. I promise their collars don't stand up when the wind isn't blowing. Nice. Double negative.

Perhaps my favorite parts were the little arm bands.


Melissa said...

You are amazing! Those dresses are so cute (and very smoking!) :). And I'm impressed with Jacey's eyeliner up lipstick!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Those dresses are so cute!! That takes so much skill then the cake stuff. The detail is awesome!! I remember my mom always made us matching dresses, and I love it. Your girls are pretty lucky!!

Melissa said...

Those turned out darling! I hear smocking is difficult, so kuddos!!

Tanya said...

Wow, you are amazing! The dresses are fabulous!
My girly has only washed makeup down the sink, it hasn't occured to her to paint herself with it. She likes pens for that.

DebLawson said...

wow, seriously, I have always wanted to learn how to smoke, er, I mean smock! We have a family friend who is really good at it and I've always been super envious of her, now I'm super envious and in awe of you!!! GREAT job, my friend!

The babe looks lovely with the eyeliner! too funny.
you guys are awesome!

Lisa said...

I think she has real skill with the eyeliner. I have a picture of me when I was that age with mascara all over my eyes and a cape on. But the dresses, oh my! You never cease to amaze me!

Tyler the Coolio said...

Smocking... LOL. That was so funny!

Hali said...

Eyeliner+ Kira= AWESOME! She has a bright future in cosmetology.

And... you rock. Smocking! Seriously?!?! So talented and so funny.

Don't hate me for passing Payson frequently and not stopping. So sorry. I'm almost certain you wouldn't appreciate me showing up in the middle of the night! ;-). I'll visit soon though. I hope you're having a lovely summer. Loves!