Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Once this summer

Big Bubbles? Once this summer. It's pretty messy.

Boating/skiing? Once this summer. Too much wind and rain.

Dancing in the rain? Many times this summer. It's all good. I have to post a few things about Jacey before I forget: She says, "Where you taking me?" When you pick her up and walk off with her. Sometimes we say, "to time out!" Sometimes it's just to the car or something. Pretty funny. She also says , "yay" a lot. E.G. "We're having watermelon Jacey." She'll say "Oh yay!" This little saying is difficult to describe, but it's cute. Trust me.


Lisa said...

Yes, I agree there are some things that are to be done only once!

Caytee said...

Lori! What? You have a blog, and I'm the slacker that had no idea. How are you? Your kids are getting so big! They are adorable.