Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bling City

Kira had quite a weekend the week after Easter. She dressed up for school on Friday as Goldilocks for Fairytale day. On Saturday, she attended a birthday party at Primrose Retreat, which was pretty cool. They had a little dress up area and tons of dresses to choose from. They also had a runway on which to model those sparkly dress ups. Kira had fun trying on a Cinderella dress, a princess dress, and a fairy dress. Quite a fun birthday party. She had a really sparktacular weekend. BTW, this is what our yard looked like Saturday morning.


Melissa said...

Kira looks like she was having a ball!! Super cute. How is her lip? I hear she fell off the stage on Tues. Ouch! Missed you today. See ya.

Hali said...

Awww... she reminds of me of a 6-year-old living at the Nielsen home! So cute :)