Monday, December 1, 2008

A memorable Thanksgiving

Highlights to our Thanksgiving:

*Saw a 10:40 showing of Twilight with Sara and Siale the week before (Team Edward as if there was even a need for teams)

*Cleaned up throw up for a few days (at least everyone was healthy enough for Thanksgiving Dinner)
*Assigned many food items to parents for Kira's Kindergarten feast (nice room mother job)

*Dressed Kira as the cutest Pilgrim ever for her Kindergarten feast

*Used gift card to buy pre-cooked Honeybaked Ham Turkey (probably won't go that route again -- it was a little dry -- but it sure was easy)

*Welcomed Jeff's mom and sister with her family (Shoutout to Lisa. We had fun!)

*Sat back and watched Jeff cook a fabulous meal (Go Jeff Go)

*Set the table with nice china and tablecloths (cake job)

*Ate the fabulous dinner surrounded by lovely family -- Hey Annie!

*Cleaned up the fabulous dinner

*Played Last Word and Sequence (Our love of Sequence originated at the Simons' house thanks guys!)

*Scoped out the ads

*Decided there was nothing worth getting up for

*Got up anyway -- didn't get very many good deals

*Watched my kids play with very fun cousins (DJ Annie Madi)

*Ate some yummy turkey soup
*Went on a date with Jeff since we had babysitters (Four Christmases was funny but crude)
*Started cleaning up diarhea...


Lisa said...

So we did things opposite of what you guys did., First we had diarrhea and now we have the throw ups...again! After I talked to you on the phone Chloe threw up at Shopko (luckily she was with Dustin) and Kourtney in the middle of the night! This is the 3rd time since Sept. that we have dealt with this!

Lori Muir said...

Ohh heavens! Life with kids. Got to love it. Shopko is a horrifying place to throw up!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a very eventful Thanksgiving! Kira does look adorable! And how did you get Jeff to cook the dinner? You rock!

Lori Muir said...

Oh, it's not hard. He just hates my cooking. I don't do things the Canadian way.

Lisa said...

Lori, you are the one we should be thanking! You are awesome, we would have had a VERY boring thanksgiving without you and your great kids!

Tara L. said...

Hi Lori, it is me Tara Spendlove. I found your blog from Amber Rusts. Cute family. Just thought I would say hello. We have a blog to but it is private. If you would like an invite send me an email to

Hali said...

Memorable indeed! Pretty sure I was sick--nasty cold sick-- the entire week and my dear mommy took care of me too. Yay for good mommies!

Hope all is well. Happy holidays!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Hi! I found you through Amber's blog, then through Angela's blog. Hope you don't mind. I got so excited when I saw you and Angela. What fun!!

My blog is: Feel free to visit. I love these blogs, they allow us to stay up to date with each other, even thought we rarely see each other.

Well, take care!!
Melanie (Mansfield, just in case?) Starr