Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brown just isn't his thing

As we were walking into the church today, prior to the primary program, I told Quinton how handsome he looked in his suit. Jeff said, "And how about Mom? Doesn't she look great? Doesn't she look hot?" Quinton replied, "Actually...she looks sort of brown." (I was wearing a dramatically chocolate brown dress with brown knee-length boots.)

Other things I love about Quinton:

*He totally nailed his part in the primary program -- with poise even.
*He loves me to read Fablehaven out loud to him.
*He loves Jacey to wake him up in the morning and snuggle with him for a few minutes. She's usually too busy to snuggle, but he gets a quality minute or half.
*He is absolutely thrilled to go to cub scouts every week. (He also looks so cute in his blue shirt)
*He respects his teachers and other grown-ups.
*He loves his friends. He loves to play.
*He loves a treasure hunt. If I could make one every Monday for family home evening, he would never get tired of it.
*If, for a 22 monther (see Jacey's post below), moms should buy an insane amount of toothbrushes, moms of eight year old boys should buy many surplus socks. He puts holes in those things faster than you can say Shia Lebeuf. (HOLES -- get it? Okay, I should not try comedy)
*He has the cutest little belly laugh you've ever heard and a quirky sense of humor (better than his mom's).
*He still loves the color green -- has since he was old enough to talk.
I guess brown just isn't his thing! It's green.

I couldn't find a picture of him in his handsome suit, so I included one from his baptismal day and one from his first pack meeting (Thanks Adrianne.)


Michelle said...

I thought you looked so pretty today! And Quinton is an exceptional kid! And he did so awesome today!

Jana said...

Love that comment about your brown dress. Kids are so honest!

The Luke Family said...

How exciting I did not know he was even getting close to being baptized. I guess I should have figured that one out. Congradulations to you and him (a little late).