Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kanab Family Reunion

My family got together for our reunion. It's just my immediate family of brothers and sisters and their kids. There are seven of us siblings and 23 or so grand kids. My youngest sibling, Michelle, lives in Kanab, so we decided to get together there. She arranged rooms for us at Parry's Lodge. This is a kitchy little place where the stars of 1940's hollywood used to stay when shooting westerns in Utah's "Little Hollywood". It was a cool place.

We boated at Lake Powell on Saturday. It turned out to be a perfect day because it was mostly overcast, which made the heat more bearable. The lake is absolutely beautiful. There's just nothing like it. The water was even warmer than at Utah Lake, and it's much clearer. My cute neices and nephews were learning to wakeboard. A lot of them already know how to ski. One of my nephews, Salem, was skiing and completely fell over backwards. Unbelievably, he popped back up again; however, having already counted it as a fall, he had let go of the rope. He's a little athlete and just sank back into the water having completely regained his balance. Too funny.

We also had our traditional softball game Saturday afternoon. It ended in a tie, how nice! All the little kids get a chance to play, and it's a great tradition. Another tradition we seem to follow is a breakfast of Crepes. We include sweet crepes with fruit and creme sauce and ones with eggs, salsa, cheese sauce, and sausage. YUM!

Unfortunately, my mom and dad couldn't attend this year. They are serving their mission in Indiana and are doing well. Except for some homesickness brought on by the awareness that we were all together without them. It's a sacrifice, and we'll all be blessed for their service.

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Hali said...

Awww...that's sweet. Glad you had a good weekend.

Love your new blog look!

And, last, I think you need to teach me the fundamentals of waterskiing (See latest post for my struggles :)