Friday, July 18, 2008

Fantastic night at the lake

Disclaimer: This blog entry is not for the faint at heart die-hard waterskiier. We had such a beautiful time at Utah Lake Thursday night that you might not want to read about it due to skiing envy. Usually, the water at Utah Lake has more rollers in it than all the bakeries in the world, but last night, ah last night! It was fantastic! Jeff's cousin's family was in town from Canada, and we decided to introduce them to some warm water. Utah Lake, being shallow, is one of the warmest places around, but I'm not gonna lie, it's usually not too skier friendly.

We all got to ski/wakeboard/tube all we could handle. I've got the sore muscles today to prove it. Okay, we didn't make Jacey do any of that. She really enjoyed just being in the boat and toddling around back and forth between the open bow and the drivers' seat.

We even had enough good water for me to take Kira for a ski. Then, Jeff talked Quinton into skiing with him. Both Q and Kira did just fine. While picking up Jeff and Quinton, I asked Jeff if I had been going too slow. He said, "No, we were just tired." Then Quinton said, "I wasn't tired at all!!" I wonder why???? Could it be Jeff was doing all the work?

Yep, as the sun set, and we were out on the lake, I had that blissful feeling that, ahhhh I am out on the lake, and the sun is setting. It's a lovely place to be.

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