Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two year old with 'tude!

Plastered into her hair is Biolage Gelee, or in case some men happen to be reading this fabulous blog, Hair Gel, expensive hair gel. Is it an ounce or two? No, try every last scrap of it that was in the bottle. The house was quiet -- I can hear you all screaming "Nooooo! Rookie mom mistake...." into your computers now! Jeff and I were in the kitchen doing some Sunday dinner preps, and in walks Jacey with her hair as hard as a rock, saying "I'm done!" We said "Yep, you definitely are." By the bye, she had turned Kira's laundry basket into a stool which helped her reach the gel.

It took some serious rinsing and repeating to get it all out.

I was trying to get Jacey to wear a cute little vest she got for Christmas. I think it just kind of bothers her or something because she's never left it on. I said, "Jacey, leave it on, it's cute!" She said in such a two year old voice, "No -- ugggyyy." I had no idea she even knew the word ugly let alone that it was the opposite of cute! But she is not the opposite of cute!
Also, we learned that her tummy medicine is working out quite well because at her two-year-old appointment, she had a big increase in her growth chart. She's now in the 19th percentile for height, and the 4th percentile for weight. We were pretty happy with that! I can smell a little point guard on my hands. She's feisty enough and has no problem running the show:)


DebLawson said...

The hair gel thing is too funny.
Too bad it had to be the expensive stuff, though!

That little girl of yours is too much... she has so much personality in that tiny body of hers. Glad to hear her medication is working and that she's gaining! Yay!!!

Jana said...

Oh wow! I can't even relate to that and I'm not sure I ever want to. :)

She is super cute. I love 2 year old vocab. So fun.

The Luke Family said...

Oh Lori, I am so happy she is growing! As I was looking at those pictures I was actually thinking that she looked bigger. As far as the hair gel so sorry I have had the "glue" kind of gel and vasoline neither of which was all that fun to get out.

My_Kids_Mum said...

She's so funny and cute!!! I bet you keep a closer watch on your gel now, huh? lol. Well, I'm sure glad to read that she's growing! woot! woot! (that's my ghetto shout) lol.